Yanagisawa, Shin
Editorial: roshin books
Encuadernación: Hardcover
Idioma: English
Medidas: 26.00 x 25.00 cm

roshin books publish Shin Yanagisawa(1936~2008) «Untitled» as the 7th photo book. Yanagisawa’s magnificent debut was «Untitled youth » in 1958. After that, he was recuperated for two years from 1961 because of illness, but he actively focused works on camera magazines again.

After returning, Yanagisawa’s eye was directed to various place in Japan. From the time of debut, He consistently kept saying «I do not need words in photograph». The subject, the emotions of the photographer, the world sharpened to the point where it is not necessary to explain them in words, it is just a photograph.
Yanagisawa had only exhibition four times before life, he published only 3 photobooks. He grasped the world reflected in his eye at the pace of his own regardless of the trends of the surroundings and so on. There is also an episode in the early 70 ‘s that refused the publication request of the photobook from Shoji Yamagishi who was called the Emperor at the then editing chief of the «Mainichi Camera»

27 years have passed since «Shin Yanagisawa / Photograph» published in 1990. Past photo books are already out of print, and now we do not have the opportunity to see them. Michitaka Ota(Sokyu-sha as known as publisher of Fukase’s Raven) edited this edition. «Untitled» is definitely a historical one in this era.

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