The light of New York

Berts, Jean-Michel
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

How to capture the «City That Never Sleeps» in chilling moments of serenity? Award winning photographer Jean-Michel Berts does just that in this epic visual showpiece of the world’s greatest city.\n\nAt dawn, the streets of New York resonate with a life of its own: muted, subdued, and mysterious. That’s precisely the moment in which Berts has elected to capture it. The City’s greatest landmarks and views are captured here like they never before, framed by Berts’s camera obscura. Buildings, bridges, completely deserted streets, and even its trees and empty flights of stairs take on a poetic, ethereal, almost dream-like quality. Much more than a hymn, this photographic gem is a moving homage to the world’s greatest city, seen as a virtuoso sculptor’s masterpiece.\n\nEach print is given ample breathing space in a gift-volume whose opulent trim size befits the spectacular quality of the shots.\nAbout the Photographer\n\nDespite a promising scientific career, Jean-Michel Berts chose a different path – to become a photographer. With his first Rolleiflex, he became sensitive to the effects of light. Since the eighties he has worked as a still life photographer for several well-known cosmetics and perfume brands. While involved in this field, he pursued a body of work with a more personal focus, called City Portrait. To achieve this unique rendering, it took him more than one year of work and research.


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