The Impossible Collection

Idioma: English
Páginas: 128
Medidas: 35.50 x 43.00 cm

THE IMPOSSIBLE COLLECTION: The 100 Most Coveted Artworks of the Modern Era by Philippe Segalot and Franck Giraud. A valuable work of art is today’s new intellectual currency. Contemporary art draws attention from a new jet set–from media moguls to hedge fund managers to Hollywood darlings. Collecting is the entree into an exclusive global community. Building a dream collection takes years of dedicated research, a trusted gut instinct, and a good deal of luck at auctions and galleries. Internationally vaunted art dealers Philippe Segalot and Franck Giraud build and break collections every day for high-profile art collectors. Their unparalleled knowledge of what makes art–and what makes art truly exceptional–helps to define the industry today. In The Impossible Collection Segalot and Giraud curate the ideal contemporary collection–a collection in which money is no object and anything is possible. Whether «impossible» to obtain, or available at the tip of a paddle, these works are remarkable on their own but as a collection form a unique perspective on contemporary art as a whole. Drawing upon their years of experience and passion for collecting, Assouline presents The Impossible Collection in a format truly suited to its subject. Printed on art-quality paper, each page assembled and tipped by hand, this volume captures the essence of today’s art world that is at once rarefied, deified, and revolutionary.


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