The Images of Architects

Olgiati, Valerio
Editorial: The Name Books
Encuadernación: Paperback
Idioma: English
Páginas: 432
Medidas: 12.00 x 16.20 cm

I asked architects to send me important images that show the basis of their work. Images that are in their head when they think. Images that show the origin of their architecture. In this book we find 44 individual “musées imaginaires”. The most unique architects living today each present up to ten images to explain the autobiographical roots of their oeuvre. The images are explanations, metaphors, foundations, memories and intentions. They are poetic and philosophical avowals. They reveal a personal perspective on thoughts. They show the\nroots of architecture and expectations concerning projects. Conscious and unconscious. The biographies are written by the architects themselves. The images are small, legible and interpretable as icons. As individual collections, they present a personal view of an individual world, while as a whole they provide a universal view of the perceptible origin of contemporary architecture. – Valerio Olgiati


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