Tacita Dean

Dean, Tacita
Editorial: Walther König
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English / German
Páginas: 80
Medidas: 29.30 x 38.00 cm

The subject matter of the renowned British European artist Tacita Dean is often historical, touching on memory and empathy, the forces of nature and the traces left behind by humanity. Her works, from her early chalk on blackboard drawings to her four or more leaf clover collection, round stones, and found postcard interventions become ardent witnesses to a lost past, and the desire to capture, in imagery, the incomprehensible. Tacita Dean’s graphic work interrelates the medium of film, photography, drawing, and books. Her works on blackboards appear like excerpts from a film storyboard. Her photogravures of fictional landscapes display a richness of forms and diversity of line. The catalogue will include three of her most significant film works – FILM, 2011, her six film installation Merce Cunningham performs STILLNESS. (2008), as well as her most recent and most elaborate film project Antigone (2018). One of the most important works in the catalogue will be the largeformat chalkboard drawing The Montafon Letter (2017) which depicts a mountain landscape, drawn with white chalk on a blackboard surface.


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