Nomura, Hiroshi
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Shoes of photography\nFor my photography book «Slash»\n\nAround the year of 1991. The first World Wide Website was starting (I read this by Wikipedia) and nobody has had a personal computer. In those days I was a student and took photographs to «record» my own artworks for editing one photocopy book. The camera was SAMURAI by Kyosera. I was taught how to develop films by one of my friend. At a humid and hot dark room, I printed first photographs of mine. My friend said my technique was not good laughingly…I felt so, too. A few days later I made monochrome photocopies of these prints at a convenience store and was absorbed in editing one copy of the book. That was my first works of photography, consequently. We have not heard a word «ZINE», around then. Also photography was in early period to be treated as fine art works, and various expressions were appeared. I started to walk with shoes of photography and said good-bye to old-fashioned methods of art seemed boring. Step, step, lang lang run.\n\nAnd now, in this year of 2011. The environment surrounding photography has been totally changed. From analogue to digital. Even a child handles personal computer, we take and look photographs by mobile phone in a flash. There are Numerous photo image in internet sea. Twenty years has been passed since I put on the shoes of photography. In ups and downs of life, I have been walking. But recently I feel foot pain even on normal streets. My shoes of photography were worn down? No, they look newly and are not worn down. But, I feel something different…It feels weird. I looked my feet again in lineup and found some difference again. My shoes are on the wrong feet. They were like these from first? or on the way? Should I change them? I feel they are getting to fit my feet. I will look for new shoelace? Maybe I had better change a color of shoelace. \nThen, I tie my shoelace tight. \nMy legs are achy a little bit still. \n\n\nHiroshi Nomura


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