Showa 35, JAPAN

Sawatari, Hajime
Editorial: bookshop M
Encuadernación: Hardcover with cloth
Páginas: 88
Medidas: 22.50 x 30.00 cm

Limited Edition of 1000 copies. This photobook contains photographs which were taken in the year 1960 or Showa 35. The Showa period in the Japanese calendrical system represents the reign of Emperor Hirohito which lasted for 65 years 1926-1989.\n\nBorn in 1940 Tokyo,Hajime Sawatari, Began to publish his works in photography magazines and elsewhere while still enrolled at at the Department of Photography, College of Art, Nihon University. After working for Nippon Design Center, he became a freelance photographer in 1966. Whilst working mailnly as a fashion photographer, he has been publishing his works in numerous magazines such as Camera Mainichi. He produced a large number of masterful works including Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and _Nadia, _which contains photos of an Italian fashion model (both published in 1973), and has since been continously operating in the front lines of his field.


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