Sasha Waltz. Körper/S/Nobody

Waltz, Sasha
Editorial: ArtHaus Musik
Idioma: German, English, French, Japanese
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Live Recordings from The Schaubühne Berlin\n\nIn 1999 Sasha Waltz started working on her three-piece choreographic cycle about the human body. In »Körper«, following up this extraordinary research, she investigates the anatomy and the physical appearance of the human being, relating her dancers‘ bodies to architecture, science, and history. »S« searches for the origin of life, of Eros, and of sensibility. »noBody« asks about the metaphysical existence of humanity.\n\nKörper means bodies. »Körper« engages twelve dancers in a particularly rich variety of movement. Linking architecture and body, Körper asks the questions: What is the body? How is it constructed? The dance analyzes morality, the quest for immortality, and investigates reproduction in the age of genetic manipulation. Sasha Waltz looks at the bodies in everyday situations. She beserves their matter, their nudity, their rhythms.\n\n»S« represents the middle section of the »Körper Trilogy« by Sasha Waltz. While sexuality and Eros are all but absent from »Körper« and »noBody«, with »S« they constitute central themes. The New York musician Jonathan Bepler, composed the room-encompassing original music for the production. What does being human mean beyond having a body? Which part of us is immortal? In »noBody« the choreographer, accompanied by 25 dancers, faces the challenge of rendering the non-physical visible through the physical body itself.\n\nSpecial Features: Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Trailer\n\nSound Format: PCM Stereo, DD 5.1\n\nPicture Format: 4:3 / 16:9\n\nDVD Format: 3xDVD 9, NTSC / Box Set\n\nLanguages (Bonus): DE, GB, FR, ES, JP\n\nRunning Time: 210 mins + 58 mins Bonus\n\nFSK: 12

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