Rinko Kawauchi: Cui Cui

Kawauchi, Rinko
Editorial: Foil Co Ltd
Encuadernación: Softcover
Páginas: 228
Medidas: 6.60 x 9.00 cm

The memories of people beloved and protected by adults around them as they grew up, it won’t fade away. The works in «Cui Cui» are memories of Rinko’s family which she has been shooting for 13 years. There are scenes of, family gathering in New Year’s Holidays, wedding of older brother, grandfather’s death, birth of a new life, and so on. Ordinaries of life pile up in the normal family. The photographs evoke the scenery of hometown with smell of people and earth. Repeating the encounter and separation, the family will keep alive in one’s memory. It could be your family album, which will stir a memory of days gone by.


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