Out & About

Marcopoulos, Ari
Editorial: Damiani
Encuadernación: Hardcover with slipcase
Idioma: English/ Italian
Páginas: 248
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Ari Marcopoulos Out & About should be considered a diary of one photographer’s journey through two decades of New York life. Originally form the Netherlands, Marcopoulos moved to New York at the end of the ‘70s. Out and About covers his photographic activity in New York, spanning from images of underground artists and celebrities of these times, to the snapshots documenting street life and the telling portraits of Marcopoulos himself, his wife and his children. Different images, all equally characterized by an unmistakeable element. As Aaron Rose writes in his introductory text: What Ari was doing photographically with the art and music stars of the Eighties is the same thing he was doing in our little misfit art scene in the Nineties and he still continues today. He is consistently seeking style, substance and spirit in the places most people forget to look. He is Out and About, exploring the world in search of subjects and situations from which we all can learn. It’s true that the photographs in this volume represent a time and place in New York that is long gone now. […] But thanks to the photographs of Ari Marcopoulos some evidence of that time can live on – not only in the pages of this book, but in the hearts and minds of everyone whom Ari’s photographs have touched. The book also features critical essays by Harmony Korine and Diego Cortez.\n\nOriginally from the Netherlands, Ari Marcopoulos came to New York City in 1979 where he worked as an assistant to Andy Warhol. He immediately became involved in the art and music scenes of the time. He currently lives in California.

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