Moon Mirror. Site-Specific Installations 1982-2005

Horn, Rebecca
Editorial: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Idioma: Inglés
Páginas: 272
Medidas: 27.50 x 21.60 cm

An extensive review of the site-specific installations by the internationally renowned artist.\n\nThis publication focuses on an aspect of Rebecca Horn’s extraordinarily diverse oeuvre that plays an important role in the formal constitution of her large sculptures and installations-the relationship between the work of art and its architectural setting.\nThe book presents a selection of key works from the seventies and eighties and 1980s with recent works realized in 2005. In the early Measure Box (1970) and Rooms Meet in Mirrors (1974/75) the human body is the measure of spatial perception. In the installation entitled The Concert in Reverse (1987), the artist worked in a building with a dubious political past, the Zwinger in Münster, where countless people were tortured during the Nazi regime, exploring its history and creating a place of remembrance. In Moon Mirror (2003), a work installed in Pollença, the artist created a column of air between a fountain constructed with mirrors and an eddy of light beneath the dome of the collegiate church. At the point at which the Orient and the Occident meet, the moon is captured as a “vehicle of human vision and expression.” The viewer descends into the depths of the fountain and transcends his own horizon in order to survey the heavens anew.


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