Knave of hearts – signed

Lyon, Danny
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English
Páginas: 140
Medidas: 26.50 x 31.50 cm

Good condition. I do know that photography, at least the kind I do, has a lot in common with stealing. Some native peoples regard the taking of their picture as outright theft and they will not tolerate it… It was the making of montages from my pictures that became the genesis of this work. I decided that the proper setting for the montages was an account of my life, and so I set about to write a memoir. But when I was done I had created something that seemed to defy description. No matter how hard I tried I was unable to come up with a name for my illustrated manuscript. So I have turned to a practice that is extremely popular among my fellow photographers and editors: at a loss for an original idea myself, I decided to steal that too. This time from Lewis Carroll, a far far greater writer, and knave, than I ever hope to be.

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