Zulawinski,, Slawomir
Editorial: SCALO
Encuadernación: Hardcover
Idioma: English
Páginas: 940
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Polish-born photographer Slawomir Zulawinski photographs the stream of life as we encounter it daily on the street, amidst the ebb-and-flow of triviality and significance. He observes the hustle and bustle of New York City with the curious eye of an expatriate, keen on diminishing his feeling of alienation and capturing moments of exhaustion, the side effects of a controlling and over-stimulated society. In his photographs, the intricacies of inner life suddenly reveal themselves in a stranger’s face. Glimpses of the melancholy truths of quotidian life are exposed on a nondescript urban street.

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