Daido Moriyama: Record 29

Moriyama, Daido
Editorial: akio nagasawa
Encuadernación: Soft cover
Medidas: 21.00 x 28.00 cm

On September 7th I attended the memorial for Takuma Nakahira that was held at 10:30 at a funeral hall in Hiyoshi. “Throughout my life, Nakahira was a “one and only” sort of friend, and a rival at the same time.\nEven though we couldn’t have been more different in terms of both character and constitution,there was one thing that we both shared, and that one thing obviously tied us soundly together. From the days he was an editor for the new left-magazine PROVOKE photography magazine, we were connected through both potography and the fact that we both lived in Zushi»


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