Construir y habitar

Sennett, Richard
Editorial: Anagrama
Encuadernación: Soft cover
Idioma: Español
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

How should the cities of the future be? How has your planning evolved throughout history? How does the urban environment in which we live affect our lives? What urban values ??should be strengthened? What ballasts should be banished?

Rethinking the city is the ultimate goal of this book, which takes a tour of its evolution starting from the two areas in which the author works, that of sociology and urbanism, and based on reflections from architects and urban planners as well as of philosophers.

Build and live covers the history of cities from the Greek agora to the cities of the 21st century as Shanghai. Review the proposals of the great innovators of urban planning in the nineteenth century -Haussmann and Cerdà-, the creation of the twentieth century city in Europe and the United States by the hand of architects like Le Corbusier and his evolution in the XXI in countries emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico or some Africans. And it addresses concrete examples, ranging from the design of Central Park in New York to the headquarters of Google, the Googleplex, through the libraries of Medellin, the urban development of Delhi …

This book closes the trilogy of Richard Sennett’s Homo faber, whose two previous installments, El artesano y Juntos, are also published in this collection. They are three independent works, but, read together, provide one of the most lucid and stimulating reflections on contemporary society.

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