Claudine Doury. Sasha

Doury, Claudine
Editorial: Le Caillou Bleu
Encuadernación: Hardcover
Idioma: English
Páginas: 72
Medidas: 39.00 x 29.00 cm

The advent of womanhood is unavoidable whether the ceremonies surrounding this conversion are the same or not; if the girl makes it through adolescence, the woman is inevitable. Sasha, one such young woman, is undergoing a rapid transition. Her mother, photographer Claudine Doury, watches through the camera and we are all witness to what Doury selectively chronicles: the adventures of the child, not so young, but close to the completion of her childish follies. The forest surrounds Sasha and her cohorts from the late summer into the fall of the year, from green to brown, from alive to dying. Melanie McWhorter


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