Wegman, William
Editorial: Schirmer/Mosel
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: German
Medidas: 23.50 x 29.00 cm

William Wegman, known throughout the world for his startling and revealing photographs of his weimaraners, presents the classic ashes-to-riches tale as it has never before been conceived. With Battina as the lovely uncomplaining Ella and Fay as the evil stepmother, the story unfolds in true fairy-tale fashion. Cinderella’s sooty rags are transformed by a fairy godmother into a glorious ball gown, and mice, lizards, and a rat become line attendants to transport Cinderella to the ball. After a grand entrance – no one, not even her stepsisters, recognizes Cinderella as the beautiful, mysterious latecomer – Cinderella meets her prince, then loses her glass slipper as she rushes to be home by midnight. To the surprise of the evil stepmother and lazy stepsisters, Cinderella is, of course, discovered to be the one true owner of the delicate slipper, and she is reunited with her prince to live happily ever after. With each page of this astonishing book, the timeless tale undergoes its own transformation. William Wegman’s unique visual interpretation refreshes and renews its spirit, making Cinderella a classic for our time.


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