Anupama Kundoo

Anupama Kundoo
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English
Páginas: 232
Medidas: 24.00 x 30.00 cm

The comprehensive first monograph on Indian architect Anupama Kundoo

The fourth volume in the book series The Architect’s Studio presents the Indian architect Anupama Kundoo (born 1967). Kundoo is a much-revered architect whose work aims to shed light on a scarce resource in our life: time. Kundoo sees time as a forgotten resource in architecture.

Constructed as a journey through time, this volume explores how Kundoo integrates traditional Indian building customs, crafts and materials into her current works. In general, Kundoo is concerned with using as few material resources as possible in her architecture, and is attentive to traditional building methods. A perfect distillation of her working methods can be found in the house she built for herself outside the community of Auroville, India. The house, constructed of terracotta, brick, concrete and wood, creates a seamless transition on a human scale between the interior and the exterior with elements of both mirroring each other within and without.

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