Danger Book: Suicide Fireworks


The artist mixed gunpowder with paste to draw various pictures in each Danger Book. He then placed a bundle of matches on a striking strip along the base of each book’s spine. A dangling string was attached to the bundle of matches to entice the reader to pull on it and ignite the book. Concept description by the artist is as follows: “Be careful of books. Be careful with books. Be careful or one can become a weapon-wielder. Be careful or one can become the victim”. The concept and design was done by the artist. Each book is different and unique. Each book is signed and numbered by the artist.

London, UK, 2008. Edition of nine unique books, one prototype, and one artist proof. Each book is individually titled. Video documentation, Ming Kai Leung and Lukas Hauser (camera) and Lauren Petty (video). The video is courtesy of the Cai Studio, NY and Beijing.

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