Des Oiseaux- Bernard Plossu

Lesaffre, Guilhem
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Francés
Pages: 108
Measurements: 21.00 x 26.50 cm

Voyageur-migrator, as he calls himself, Bernard Plossu has been roaming the world for years, grasping through his lens furtive moments when birds are caught in the middle of the flight forming huge clouds, standing alone in the middle of a stretch of water or even floating alone between the alpine peaks. In India, Italy, Andalusia, Greece, France, Plossu steals fragments of the world. Alternating urban scenes and majestic landscapes, the photographer poses on the birds a tender and curious aspect that highlights the quality of dream and “surrealist”, as the critic Francesco Zanot said of his images. Wherever he walks his camera, Plossu imposes one and the same rule: sobriety, obtained thanks to a 50 mm lens. “It’s my only style, he says, which allows me to say that my style is not style.” The birds of Bernard Plossu sometimes seem familiar to us, inhabiting buildings, field roofs or electric cables, while others, with outstretched wings, play with the increasing winds that whistle at high altitudes and feed the fascination and desire that I have always had men to steal.

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