Presentation: Francis Bacon. Detritus

15 / 12 / 2010

On 15 December 2010, Elena Ochoa Foster presented the artist book Detritus, about Francis Bacon, and spoke about the the book’s production process, which lasted over three years.\n Each book is presented as a facsimile of old leather suitcases from Francis Bacon’s studio, discovered in his home in Reece Mews. Each copy includes 76 facsimiles found at the artist’s studio and whose originals are currently held at Ireland’s Dublin City Gallery. They include Bacon’s photographs, pages from magazines, drawings, tools, letters and notes. Each facsimile was created individually by hand using special techniques to make new originals. Detritus was published in 2006 in association with the Estate of Francis Bacon and the Dublin City Gallery (The Hugh Lane Gallery), Ireland. The idea for the book was conceived by Brian Clarke and Elena Foster, and publication was directed by Foster. The books are numbered and include a certificate of authenticity signed by the chairman of the Estate of Francis Bacon.