Yendo leyendo, dando lugar

Lopez Cuenca,Rogelio
Binding: Paperback
Language: Español
Pages: 224
Measurements: 17.00 x 24.00 cm

Reading, giving place is the first major retrospective exhibition that is dedicated to Rogelio López Cuenca (Nerja, 1959), and that examines the constant and different derivations and ramifications that have occurred in his career, where words and poetry are they always open the way to other areas.

Poet and visual artist, Rogelio López Cuenca is situated within the tradition of institutional criticism and connects, both with the vitalist and transgressive drive of the historical avant-gardes, and with the more heterodox pop drifts through a work of creation and research artistic around language.

His work, which can be seen in the different rooms of the Museum, addresses issues such as the motivations and implications of contemporary migration policies, historical memory, postcolonial criticism or the instrumentalization of art and culture to promote speculation processes. urbanistic In his willingness and ability to dissect how contemporary power operates, he explores the way in which hegemonic narratives are constructed in the political-economic and socio-cultural spheres, exploring the fissures that can be opened in them.

Paintings, photographs, videos, installations, large format photographs intervened with oil and even the reproduction of a souvenir shop, dated from the late 80’s to the present, will be present in this retrospective that also includes a set of pieces created especially for the exhibition, Las Islas, in which López Cuenca moves between different techniques, supports and discourses: video-essay-installation-textile art making a critical re-reading of some texts and historical engravings related to the “discovery” of America.

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