Wealth Management WTF BANK

Spottorno, Carlos
Publisher: Phree + RM
Binding: Paperback
Language: English/Spanish
Pages: 64
Measurements: 24.00 x 32.00 cm

The term WEALTH MANAGEMENT is used in the elite retail divisions of international banks, to distinguish those services from mass-market offerings.n It refers to a professional service, which is the combination of financial advice, fiscal strategy, and legal planning for one fee.n With the help of tax havens and the complicity of supranational legal frameworks that allow their existance, the clients of private banks benefit from privileged information and a powerful net of influences operating in a way that their wealth tends to accumulate.nn In other words, wealth management is the practice of helping the wealthy to get wealthier while depriving the public treasuries of economic resources that would otherwise derive from tax collecting. nn Private banks, like other powerful organizations, are masters of euphemism. Their communication is made of clean, professional and sophisticated language, both written and visual, with which they invite the wealthy to join and experiment the ecstasy of money accumulation. n My goal with this book is to reflect about the language of banks and other influential organizations. I’m interested in exploring how the world of the wealthy would look like if we could eliminate all the friendly make up and sweet advertising flavour we usually see in their campaigns and publications. This is how I see the world of the ultra-wealthy and their agents. A supposedly better life where money doesn’t always bring happiness, ant the ultimate luxury is to be invisible, inaccesible, and therefore unvulnerable. nn The crucial question remains, however: if given chance to be part of that privileged lyer of society, would any of us be willing to redristribute our wealth, or would we simply tap our nose and play the game?

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