Villages And Towns 9: Iberia (Part 2)

Futagawa, Yukio
Publisher: ADA Editors
Binding: Softcover in Slipcase
Language: Japanese/English
Pages: 140
Measurements: 23.00 x 30.00 cm

The ninth volume of the revised ‘Villages and Towns’ series completes the journey through the Iberian Peninsula that began with volume eight. The focus here is on the rough terrain and harsh natural landscape that stretches from central to north-west Spain. Four villages were selected to represent the architecture that has developed in this seemingly inhospitable climate. Going beyond the heritage of vernacular architectures, the study also examines how these communities live in harmony with local features. Rather than trying to control nature, they give it respect, doing their best to become part of it. With photography by Yukio Futagawa and texts by the late Maria Lluïsa Borràs.

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