Jiménez, David
Publisher: RM
Binding: Box containig two hardcover volumes
Language: Español/Inglés
Pages: 188
Measurements: 17.00 x 23.00 cm

Fourteen years after the publication of Infinito, Editorial RM presents versus, a new photobook project by David Jiménez (b. 1970, in Seville), which originated around the time of the first book and has slowly matured in the course of all these years.

The book consists of two volumes, one white and one black, which complement each other and are interconnected by subtle visual resonances, creating an indivisible unity. The core of the project is precisely this network of flashes of light out of darkness, which trace a way bifurcating into two parallel paths. It is the imaginary space opened up between these paths that reveals the true meaning of the journey on which the reader has been invited.

Although the book contains images taken over twenty years in nineteen different countries, all of them belong to the same territory, halfway between the real and the imaginary, that abstract universe in which the author customarily works. Deliberately freed of narrative lines, the images explore the limits of visual perception and transport us to an uncertain region in which we only have our intuition to guide us.

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