VACÍOS ADJETIVOS: El espacio construido en la fotografía

Moron, Marina
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Spanish
Pages: 352
Measurements: 14.80 x 21.00 cm

Ways of seeing and inhabiting are interrelated in the photographic representation of architecture. Beyond the two dimensions of its physical support, the image contains an interior space. We visually distinguish material elements and depth planes, but among all of them there are other types of spaces, there are gaps. Similar to the binary language that is expressed with sequences of 0 and 1, our gaze traces and separates solid objects, intermediate spaces, gaps and silences. The reading paths are transformed into introspection movements, provoked in the viewer to create physical emotions in him. This empty space is a direct consequence of an action of the creator, giving it to those who look for their occupation and interpretation. The assignment is not unconditional, it is not without conflict. It involves a permanent struggle and tension, of enormous importance for the construction and room processes of the architectural space.

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