Useless is more

Velluto, Joe
Publisher: Corraini
Binding: Paperback
Language: English/ Italian
Pages: 96
Measurements: 21.50 x 27.50 cm

Industrial design produces objects to be used, in which the function defines the reason of the project, and utility is the main assumption.
On the contrary, art produces “useless” things (from a functional point of view), in which the key-role is their meaning.
Between art and design, Adesign by JoeVelluto aims to use design for useless goals, facing meaning instead of utility.
After the Manifesto dell’Adesign, in UseLess is More JoeVelluto makes clear its provocation and reflection about today’s life environment, saturated with objects that are not really necessary: a contribution for going back and designing for an actual world.

JoeVelluto’s book follows 5 main principles (Disfunction, Useless, Absence, Adesign and UseLess is more); it is built starting from photographic charms about disfunction, inutility and absence, and then it goes deeply with some hypothesis and examples about Adesign and everyday objects.
The choice of different types of papers accompanies this course, supporting its experimental and provocative character.

JoeVelluto is a thought, a philosophy and a project. Its activity is dedicated to Adesign®, whose aim is to produce “inutility” in art and communication (in fact, design often produces “obstacles”, objects of which the world is already saturated).
JoeVelluto e Associati was founded in 2004 in Vicenza by Andrea Maragno and Sonia Tasca.

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