Twilight of the Romanovs: A Photographic Odyssey Across Imperial Russia

Blom, Philip
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 248
Measurements: 25.50 x 29.40 cm

Twilight of the Romanovs opens a door onto the world of pre-revolutionary Russia in original photographs taken during the last decades of Romanov rule. They include many remarkable colour images created using an early three-colourplate technique; these bring the remote past to life with an especially vivid jolt. We discover a world of exceptional diversity, seemingly timeless, almost archaic, marked by persistent poverty, yet also abundantly rich and often surprisingly modern. These photographs are snapshots of a vanished world. The Russian Empire was soon to be destroyed, and, in the ensuing blood-soaked decades, rendered unrecognizable. Yet these images reveal a surprising continuity: despite the subsequent cataclysm, faces, postures, buildings and landscapes still resonate with those who see them a century and more later.

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