A Chronicle of architecture (The Age of Spectacle + Time of Uncertainty)

Fernández-Galiano, Luis
Publisher: Arquitectura Viva
Binding: Two clothbound hardcover books
Language: English/Spanish
Pages: 1844
Measurements: 25.00 x 21.00 cm

Luis Fernández-Galiano presents a selection of articles written between 1993 and 2006 for El País, a newspaper where he was employed during those years of the weekly architecture page. With the title Alexandrian Years, which evokes both its chronological extension and its chronicle character, the book is composed of two volumes that portray the vicissitudes of architecture in the transit between the XX and XXI centuries. After the first volume, “The Age of the Spectacle”, the first seven years of our century are included in “Time of Uncertainty”, which reflects the restlessness after September 11, as well as the sensation of fragility produced by wars and climate change. The collection of texts, which intertwine architecture with art, thought, economy or politics, is illustrated with more than 2,500 images, and includes nearly 2,000 references to the protagonists of the realizations and debates of that time. The articles were described by Rafael Moneo as “small masterpieces”, describing them as “well-constructed, brilliant in the choice of metaphors, informed, subtle …”, and assuring that “whoever studies in the future what has been the history of the architecture in these years will have to go to this rich quarry of writings ».
Luis Fernández-Galiano is an architect, chair professor at Madrid’s School of Architecture, ETSAM, and editor of the journals AV/Arquitectura Viva. Trustee of the Norman Foster Foundation and Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he is an International Fellow of the RIBA, and has been Cullinan Professor at Rice, Franke Fellow at Yale, a visiting scholar at the Getty Center, and a visiting critic at Princeton, Harvard, and the Berlage Institute. President of the jury at the Venice Biennale and of the Aga Khan Award, he has also been a juror in the competitions for the National Library of Mexico, the National Art Museum of China, the National Library of Israel, and the Noble Qur’an Oasis in Madinah. Among his books are “Fire and Memory”, “Spain Builds”, and “Atlas: Architectures of the 21st Century”.

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