Thirtyfour Parking Lots

Homma, Takashi
Publisher: Lim Art
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 56
Measurements: 21.00 x 26.00 cm

Whether seen from above or close up, fully occupied or completely deserted, softly illuminated at night or baking under a glaring sun, the parking lots that Takashi Homma has photographed in different cities around the world are all more or less the same. Inspired by the word paintings of Ed Ruscha, Homma takes the Ruscha-style cover’s introduction of a cut-and-dried theme and expands upon it, literally and visually. Amsterdam, Vancouver, Melbourne, Tokyo, Brasilia, Chandigarh, Warsaw, Reykjavik, and Los Angeles are some of the places where wide expanses of asphalt and concrete stretch away from office complexes, fast food chains, industry, residential blocks, and more.

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