The Swastika on the sun

Fodder, Robert G.
Publisher: Akina Books
Binding: Softcover with dustjacket
Language: English
Pages: 210
Measurements: 12.00 x 19.00 cm

If you suddenly find out you are not where you always thought, as if the veil that blinded you was torn, if you realize you are not who you always thought, what would you see with your new eyes?

I have seen men shagging each other like frightened rabbits, men with their faces covered by animal masks during the day and camouflaged as the Night God after sunset. I am on an island which used to be an asylum. If nothing exists but the asylum, the nobody is crazy.

Class system and power relationships are the direct consequences of the struggle between the different illnesses of the islanders.

On the forgotten Island, Hitler is God. Just like any other god he’s a pretext for the ruling classes to legitimize their power and feed their appetites. Hitler came on an iron bird, straight from the end of a nightmare on the other side of the world.

Hitler is alive on the Island, Hitler is the norm. If memory doesn’t exist thus past and future don’t exist as well.

Preservation rather than evolution: blood, masks, teeth, a nauseating, disgusting, revolting normality.

I do not expect you to believe everything I have written, I couldn’t care less. I honestly couldn’t believe it myself.
But this is it. Hitler is not dead.

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