The Lives of Artists

The Lives of Artists 4
The Lives of Artists 3
The Lives of Artists 2
Tomkins, Calvin
Publisher: Phaidon
Binding: Box containing 6 volumes
Language: English
Pages: 1640
Measurements: 14.00 x 20.30 cm

The definitive collection of artist profiles by legendary journalist and New Yorker writer Calvin Tomkins, from the 1960s to today.

In 1959, Calvin Tomkins interviewed Marcel Duchamp for Newsweek, beginning his sixdecade- long career writing about art. He then joined The New Yorker, where he has contributed dozens of profiles on the most interesting artists of the time, from Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg to Cindy Sherman and Mark Bradford. This six-volume set includes 82 of Tomkins’s most significant profiles dating from 1962 to 2019. Part art history, part human interest, Tomkins offers insights and observations about the artists, their work, and the ever-changing art world they inhabit.

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