The Lines of my Hand

Frank, Robert
Publisher: Yugensha
Binding: Hardback box
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

First edition, one of 1000 copies of Frank’s photographic autobiography, dedicated to his two children, Pablo and Andrea, ‘who are trying to find a better way to live.’ The photographs represent every stage of his work to the time of publishing, presented in chronological order and selected less for their historic or aesthetic significance than for their personal meaning. This is the first of two books that Frank made with the assistance of Kazuhiko Motomura, the second being Flower Is. The final pages show a photograph of a view taken from Frank’s Nova Scotia home pinned to a wall in his New York studio with a letter to Motomura attached. ‘I hope that you will like the way I put it together. It’s that way because I want you to know and to see – how it was – to become like I am…’

Parr, M. and Badger, G., The Photobook: A History Vol.I, p.261.

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