The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques

Mayer, Ralph
Publisher: Viking Press
Binding: Hard cover
Language: English
Pages: 784
Measurements: 17.50 x 24.00 cm

Since 1940, when it was originally published, The Artist’s Handbook has been indispensable for thousands of practicing artists and art students. The book has remained continuously in print through many editions and has some more than a quarter of a million copies. It is, as American Artist Magazine calls it, the “artist’s bible,” an invaluable reference for the painter, sculptor, and printmaker. During the past few years, however, new art movements and new research have led to many changes in the technology of artist’s materials. With the assistance of Mayer’s window, Bena, and his colleagues, Viking and Steven Sheehan, Director of the Ralph Mayer Center at Yale University, have prepared this latest revision of the book, which is now completely updated and expanded.

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