Tentativa de agotamiento de un lugar parisino

Perec, Georges
Binding: Tapa blanda
Language: Castellano
Pages: 60
Measurements: 12.00 x 18.00 cm

In October 1974, Georges Perec was installed for three days at the Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris. At different times of the day scored everything he saw: the daily events of the street, people, vehicles, animals, clouds, the passage of time. He listed all those insignificant facts of everyday life. In short, nothing, or almost nothing.

But his eyes, a single human perception vibrant Impressionist and variable-like vision of Monet paintings outside the cathedral of Rouen-picked the thousand little details that make life imperceptible from a big city, in a particular neighborhood of a great city: the countless subtle variations in climate and atmospheric light, from the stage, all that is alive. Buses, dogs, pedestrians, tourists. “What happens when nothing happens, only the passage of time, people, cars and clouds.”

A masterful text in the context of Perec’s work has now reached the rank of classic literature.

Georges Perec (Paris, 1936 – Ivry-sur-Seine, 1982) is considered one of the preeminent figures in the literature of the second half of the twentieth century. He published his first novel, Things, in 1965, he quickly achieved great success and led to his being awarded the Renaudot. Two years later, he joined the Oulipo Perec, the Workshop of Potential Literature which was created in 1961 by Raymond Queneau and mathematician Le Lionnais. In 1978 he published Life, instructions for use, which established him as a successful author and allowed to leave his job to work full archivist to literature

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