Teatro dentrífico (Series AL No. 2)

Peñafiel, Javier
Publisher: Arts Libris
Binding: Softcover
Language: Español
Pages: 40
Measurements: 12.00 x 17.10 cm

“The format of Teatro dentífrico is inspired in Bertolt Brecht’s Modellbücher (model-books), in which collage was fundamental, intending to be a pocket-sized book, a kind of notebook so that anyone who carries it about with them can have a dialogue with the artist and leave among its pages written comments and drawings, inspired by suggestions from the photographs and texts, that function as aphorisms proposed by the artist.

“This edition offers a telling, a cinematic run through the notebook, in the pages of which we find small scenographies with the sole protagonist of a toothbrush, that we encounter again and again in differing situations and where often a zoom view predominates that focuses and concentrates the view of anyone thumbing through the edition and in the object and in the watchword that accompanies it. A toothbrush chosen for a very simple reason: the mouth, motif of fear, of vulnerability, of possible cruelty that passes through it, and the brash as a hygienic tool for it.” (Glòria Picazo).

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