Survivors in Ukraine

Shore, Stephen
Publisher: Phaidon
Binding: Hard cover
Language: English
Pages: 136
Measurements: 21.40 x 29.00 cm

A powerful and haunting visual record of Holocaust survivors living in Ukraine today\nStephen Shore is known for his progressive use of colour in art photography and diaristic photographs of the minutiae of everyday life, but this is the first project in which he actively engages with an emotionally and politically loaded subject matter\nAn important photobook that sits between the traditions of the diaristic colour photobook that Shore himself pioneered with American Surfaces and Uncommon Places, and that of the ‘concerned’ photographer using the camera as witness to conflict and other historic events\nWith Ukraine’s volatile political situation still unfolding, Shore’s insight into the lives of the survivors and the history of the region is an urgent reminder of a turbulent and tragic recent history

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