Rockocó. Imágenes del pop-rock madrileño 1980-1984 / 2000-2016

Trillo, Miguel
Publisher: La Fonoteca
Binding: box
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Reissue of the legendary fanzine Rockocó, in which the photographer Miguel Trillo registered the different urban tribes in which Madrid’s youth attending concerts and other social gatherings between 1980 and 1984 were grouped: mods, punks, techno lovers, modern, sinister, New romantics, rockers, teddy boys or heavies.

On the occasion of the reissue, which includes an exact replica of the six original numbers, a new volume of the fanzine has been prepared with images of Trillo from young people from various parts of Spain taken between 2000 and 2016 to reflect what the ya Mythical fanzine Rockocó at the present time.

Rockocó, defined by its author as “A silent tribute to lives soaked in the music of his time”, was a handmade photographic fanzine edited in stapled photocopies and with a variable circulation that was distributed in record stores, in concert halls and in the Madrid Trail. The public presentation of the fanzine with the name of Miguel Trillo took place at the Discoplay Fanzine Fair in March 1984. Until then, having no ISBN or legal deposit, Rockocó had always appeared as the work of an anonymous collective.

On the appendix of the fanzine added in the reissue, the author points out: “They are portraits of the first two decades of the 21st century in various cities in Spain, in addition to Madrid. We see that the pints have continued their course. And it is seen that I have followed there, with the objective magnifying glass in search of other streets of rhythm, making my way through the new growing bodies as if time were of the others. ”

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