Rising – Young Artists to Keep an Eye on!

Salie, Olaf
Publisher: Daab
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Language: English/German
Pages: 416
Measurements: 31.00 x 36.50 cm

Like a watchlist RISING presents about 100 young artists who are still at the beginning of their career and whose extremely interesting positions are not yet counted as secured by
the established art market. Young art personalities in the often difficult but crucial time between the academy and the first experiences in galleries whose exciting work already raises hopes. The book is not only an inspiration for collectors, curators and galerists and a stimulation for a desired and lively discussion, but also allows an insight to the Boheme of
the artistic new bloods. The selection of the artists is accompanied by a board of trustees of well-known collectors, galerists and connoisseurs of the international art scene.

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