Rinko Kawauchi: Gift

Kawauchi, Rinko
Publisher: Amana
Binding: box
Language: English
Pages: 160
Measurements: 19.00 x 25.00 cm

Photographers Rinko Kawauchi and Terri Weifenbach met for the first time in Brooklyn five years ago. After corresponding via email for some time, and eventually attaching photographs to those messages, they decided to have a conversation only using their own photographs. More than a year later, these personal picture letters are now the subject of a show at IMA Gallery in Tokyo and this marvellous double book. Flipping through the pages of the mirrored bindings sets each artist’s work opposite that of the other in a captivating progression of delicate and subliminal beauty: small observations and radiant nuances plucked from the respective worldviews of these two unusual talents.

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