Rebuilding the Reichstag

Foster, Norman
Publisher: Overlook
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 255
Measurements: 24.00 x 29.00 cm

In 1992, Germany decided to move its parliament from Bonn back to Berlin and to house it in the historic Reichstag. Sir Norman won the subsequent competition to use the shell of the building and completely re-think it as a symbol of a new age in the nation’s history. Opened exactly on time this May to coincide with Berlin’s new status as capital and once again as a great city, his design incorporates a glass dome, built above the assembly chamber, from which visitors can view the vibrant city below.\n\nNearly demolished by the Nazis after its bombing in 1933, and heavily bombed during World War II, a patched-up Reichstag was used as a museum between 1958-72. Few buildings are so expressive of Germany’s history. This major work, written by Foster with essays by others eminent in the field, reveals how this re-design reflects Germany’s turbulent past as well as the hopes that accompany the destruction of the Wall between East and West and the re-unification of the nation. Archival material, many new photographs, and Foster’s own sketches and drawings all serve to round out this timely work on the transformation of an iconic structure.

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