Project Scope: Exhibition Design “A Typology for Architects, Designers and Museum Professionals”

Bertron, Aurelia
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/German
Pages: 480
Measurements: 17.00 x 24.50 cm

Project Area: Exhibition Design is a fundamental work for all designers, architects, and museum professionals who conceive, design, plan, and produce thematic exhibitions: With its explanatory and practical hints, however, the book is also useful as an introduction to the subject for students of architecture, interior design, exhibition design, scenography, and visual communication. The typology elaborates the special features of the various thematic fields nature, archeology, history, art, and science since each represents different challenges for an exhibition design. Exemplary case studies clarify the specific features of the exhibition types presented with essays on the theory and practice of exhibition designs. Sketches, floor plans, visualizations, and attractive photographs illustrate the approach, whose essential structure remains the same while finding a different solution for each theme.

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