D'agata, Antoine
Publisher: Avarie
Binding: Soft cover
Pages: 115
Measurements: 13.50 x 18.00 cm

The book is composed as a
montage of texts and pictures,
where words, sometimes
descriptive, sometimes poetic,
intersect with images in a
narrative continuity. It combines
the most concrete and significant
examples of Antoine d’Agata’s
activity with his more abstract
body of thought following a
process of inclusion which
is already apparent in the
photographer’s approach to
life and art and which often
translates into serial images
and sequences “with neither
beginning nor ending” and into a
series of references, echoes and
word repetitions.
The book’s graphic form
seeks to reflect the meaning
of d’Agata’s research which
paradoxically leads toward the
subject’s disappearance and
the ego’s negation within the
neutral spectrum of the image
while insisting on an intimate
involvement with its subject
and a perfect amalgamation of
art and life. It thereby places
photography in the context
of anonymity which is that of
universal expression.

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