Place Space. Vol. 4. Camp Nest

Nest, Camp
Publisher: Ammo Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 72
Measurements: 22.00 x 28.50 cm

In Camp Nest, visionary designer Todd Oldham focuses his incredible eye on iconoclastic NEST magazine founder Joe Holtzman’s upstate New York artist compound. Todd’s cinematic and beautifully composed photographs capture the dream like eccentricities of this unique and experimental Place Space. In the spirit of his genre breaking design mag NEST, Camp Nest pushes the boundaries between art and design, interiors and installation. Conceived of as a respite to his NYC life, Holtzman’s Camp Nest is also home to a changing roster of artists that create their own art as well as participate in official camp activities like lounging on hammocks and diving into the pool! Bold color, pattern, and unique details are juxtaposed together in a new and refreshing riff on the ultimate artists’ summer camp.

Exquisitely designed, this Place Space issue comes wrapped in a custom designed poster, with tear out postcards that are a colorful and graphic treat. With inspired essays by Todd Oldham and renowned writer Camille Paglia, Camp Nest chronicles one the most innovative creative compounds of our time. Camille Paglia puts it all into historic perspective, likening Camp Nest to other one of a kind, architectural icons such as Hearst Castle and Balmoral. NEST devotees and new viewers alike will find abundant visual inspiration within these pages.

AMMO’s Place Space books by the incomparable Todd Oldham, launches a new design series that celebrates singular places and the uncommonly devoted people who create them.

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