Rego, Paula
Publisher: La Fabrica
Binding: Cartón
Language: Español
Pages: 240
Measurements: 19.00 x 23.00 cm

This catalog of the Paula Rego exhibition at the Museo Picasso Málaga tells the story of an artist of extraordinary imaginative power. Paula Rego has revolutionized the way women are represented and has played a fundamental role in redefining figurative art in Portugal and internationally. The personal nature of much of her work, the sociopolitical context in which she is rooted, and the references and inspiration for the creation of her work, ranging from comics to historical painting, are notable. This book features a large repertoire of images from Paula Rego’s work, including collages, paintings, large-scale pastels, ink and pencil drawings, prints, and sculptures. A unique opportunity to get to know in depth the trajectory of this enormous Portuguese artist.