Patrick Hamilton. Esthetics of underdevelopment.

Hamilton, Patrick
Publisher: Turner
Binding: Paperback
Language: English/Español
Pages: 160
Measurements: 28.50 x 20.50 cm

The book contains a review of Patrick Hamilton’s artistic career, from his beginnings with the series Project for covering works of architecture, which began in 1996, two years before graduating from art school, to his most recent works. Driven by a desire to move painting onto another plane, Hamilton has created a body of work along object and concept-based lines with a foundation in his interest towards cultural, historical and literary research.

Using the starting point of Santiago, the city where he has lived and worked until recently, and other times his own country, Chile, Hamilton has woven together countless works over a time period equivalent to a career that has now lasted nearly twenty years. The visual metaphors, popular myths and historical events in them are given form in an impeccable conceptual and visual presentation, which he uses to look for answers to all of the questions which arise on a daily basis in the society which he forms part of as a citizen and artist.

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