Patricia Urquiola

Urquiola, Patricia
Publisher: Daab
Binding: Hardback
Language: Spanish
Pages: 175
Measurements: 18.50 x 24.00 cm

In Milano, the capital of design, all designers are heroes and the heroes are all male. Except for one: Patricia Urquiola. After graduating in Design, Patricia Urquiola headed Piero Lissoni’s design department before setting up her own studio in Milan in 2001. Today she works with renowned names such as Moroso, Cappellini, Kartell, Alessi and Boffi.

The concept of the Spanish-Milanese designer, which has guided her throughout her carreer, was curiosity. The object should create the desire to touch and not just to look at it. She finds her inspirations in the world around her, in art, travel and fashion. Urquiola also pays great attention to craftsmanship. She uses new, unusal materials and blends them into sculptural curves, concave and convex surfaces to create user-friendly products.

This monograph presents her outstanding work in various fields of design. An index with contact and project information is enclosed.

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