Patria querida

García-Alix, Alberto
Binding: Tapa dura
Language: Castellano
Pages: 168
Measurements: 24.50 x 30.00 cm

With an absolute respect for the creative freedom of the photographer Alberto García-Alix, the Foundation Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson starts an own initiative of crossed length: LOOKS OF ASTURIAS. A project that promotes, from the patronage, the creation of a Fund of unpublished work on Asturias and his peoples, integrated by the photographers’ most personal and only vision of prestige. In this first edition, Alberto García-Alix turns into the first photographer invited by the Foundation. His thoughtfull DEAR MOTHER LAND fuses with the environment across industrial landscapes, challenging architectures, abstract natures and singular portraits. This sample is a selection of the best images realized in his periplus. A poetical and intense look, between the reality and the allegory, which us enters in a story guided by Alberto García-Alix’s eyes. His aptitude to humanize what comes out in photographs makes possible the only, rich and diverse look. The nature savage demonstrates and polyform across masses of gray, mysterious and deep. The prominent figures carry in his looks the whole weight of a people. The architectures, challenging, plan diagonals that cross the space, lines of tension, of emotion. García-Alix’s trip is always interior, as he says a “monologue” across which it is interrogated and interrogates us on the scope of the look. Enabling new possibilities beyond the reality, in an area where the imagination has the aptitude to change the things, to transform them, across his eyes. If we appear across his retina, we will find the echoes of what it saw: dazzles, resonances, an own and universal world. His and of all, a dear mother land.

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