Oscar Niemeyer: The Mondadori Building

Niemeyer, Oscar
Publisher: electa
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 172
Measurements: 24.90 x 27.90 cm

With a step-by-step study, the volume tells the story of the construction, near the city of Milan, of Niemeyer s building, now headquarters of Mondadori Editorial Group. A collection of never-before-seen architectural plans, original drawings, and unpublished sketches offers a fascinating look at the architect s work and a tool for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of Oscar Niemeyer s works. The volume is enlivened by an extraordinary photographic shoot by Roland Halbe, an international architectural photographer who captures every detail that makes this spectacular building a harmonious set and an example of indissoluble integration between form and structure, still considered one of the most unique and elegant works ever made by the Brazilian architect.

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