On the Night Bus

Turpin, Nick
Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 104
Measurements: 16.00 x 22.80 cm

Book 2 from the series ‘Tales from the City’.This is book 2 from a series dedicated to the best urban photography from around the world. The books are similar to our grey-spined series but 20% bigger with cloth wrapped around the back. Even better!

Acclaimed street photographer Nick Turpin has captured painterly portraits of London commuters on buses at night. The images, shot through steamed windows during the winter months, show passengers in various states of slumber, conversation or thought. With an introduction by Will Self.

At the age of twenty Nick Turpin became the youngest full-time photographer on a national UK broadsheet, spending seven years shooting news, features and portraits for The Independent. Nick is a self-proclaimed ‘Street Photography Evangelist’ and has spread his enthusiasm for the art through books, exhibitions, workshops, TV, radio and lecturing. In 2000, he founded the international collective iN-PUBLiC which has played a significant role in the modern resurgence of street photography.

This is the first edition.

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